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Environment impact caused by our industrial society is influenced by the choices that we make on a daily basis regarding the consumer products that we bring into our homes and factories. Better choices will bring about a high level of environmental sustainability.

Making a choice to consume environmentally correct products is not simple, demanding information and awareness on the part of the consumer. Transparency regarding the industrial manufacturing processes is pertinent and important in this regard. Certification of natural and biodegradable cleaning products is a fundamental part of the information provided to consumers, influencing consumer choice.

Objectives of the standard:

Stimulate and favor the use of products and processes, as well as packaging, which causes the least possible environmental impact, with priority given to the use of renewable natural resources.
Avoid contact between allergenic products or irritants and the consumer.
Promote the use of natural, organic and wild harvested certified products.
Promote and guarantee cleaning products that do not use petrochemicals.

Step by step

- Natural Ingredients Certification Step by step (English) - Natural Ingredients Certification Step by step (Portuguese)

Standards Served

- IBD Standards

Segments Served

- Cosmetics
- Cleaning products

More information: Cleaning products

The question of cleaning products is essentially environmental and goes in two directions.

While on the one hand humanity struggles to reduce emissions from fossil fuels, these are used at will to manufacture cleaning products. It is important, as such, to use raw materials of vegetable origin, renewable and independent of petroleum.

The environmental pollution caused by residues that are not rapidly biodegradable fills our rivers and oceans. Petrochemicals are not easily biodegradable and cause serious environmental damage while they remain unassimilated by nature. To the contrary, products derived from plants are easily biodegraded and allow for rapid assimilation.

Please review the IBD standards for Organic and Natural Cleaning Products. The development of this standard is a victory, considering the difficulty faced currently when researching this sector. For IBD, advancement in this area will be slow, however viable. Firstly, we should concentrate on eliminating the use of petrochemicals, and then, use inputs and raw materials that are certified organic or natural.

IBD Standards for Cleaning Products

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