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About the Seal

The IBD Organic seal has two characteristics:

1) It applies to all organic certifications carried out by IBD Certifications for the internal market, used in conjunction with the Brazilian Seal for organic product.

2) Since the IBD standard is approved by European accreditation agencies as equivalent to the European rule, it applies to all certifications intended for the European Common Market.

3) provides all certifications necessary for access tothe North American Market (USA), with accreditation for the USDA NOP, the only standard applicable to this market.

Step by Step

- Step by Step to certification (English)
- Step by Step to certification (Portuguese)
- Step by Step to certification (Spanish)

Standards Served

- IBD Standards
- IFOAM Standards
- USDA Standards
- CEE 834/2007
- Law 10.831 (SisOrg)

Segments Served

- Agriculture
- Livestock
- Fibers
- Aquaculture
- Processing
- Material inputs
- Wild Harvesting
- Cosmetics
- Wine
- Cleaning products

Additional Information

The use of the IFOAM ACCREDITED Seal is optional.

In order to re-certify the following is necessary:
- Annual Certificate +
- Transaction Certificate +
- Review of reports +
- Socioenvironmental Check-list.

Certified Clients

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Approved Material Inputs

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