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All EcoSocial Fair is the Fairtrade Program (Fair Trade) IBD applies only to products and processes certified as organic.

The EcoSocial Certification All Fair applies to businesses, properties and producer groups that are aimed to stimulate an internal process of human, social and environmental development fostered by commercial relations based on the principles of Fair Trade. From an initial diagnosis that characterizes the environmental reality of the organization, a Steering Committee, composed of the stakeholders in the enterprise, identifies and prioritizes the key environmental and social demands that interfere negatively in this reality and from then on, Action Plans aimed at continuous improvement in the social and environmental aspects (of Living and Working Conditions, Environmental Conservation and Recovery) are outlined.

The certification projects are audited based on the following criteria:
- Critical: related to some international conventions and agreements;
- Minimum: related to the country's legislation;
- Progress: related to the promotion of local development
All In addition to those already provided for in national laws.

Being Fair Trade certified means fostering local social and environmental development and fair trade in practice.

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Brochure - IBD Fair Trade Cooperation

Step by Step

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Critical Environmental Social Economic Development

Additional Information

The Fair Trade standard has as its theoretical basis the OIT Conventions, diverse international protocols such as Agenda 21, the Global Pact Program and Millennium Goals, as well as standards such as SA 8000, ISO 14.000 and BS 8800. IBD is certified under international rules for standardization within ISO 65, guaranteeing quality throughout the entire certification process.

Given this, the IBD Fair Trade certificate guarantees that the certified operation is engaged in processes aimed at sustainable development, attending to the demands of attentive and aware consumers, which are more and more numerous throughout the world today. It was through the Fair Trade program that IBD ended its exclusive work in Brazil, and began certifying in nine countries worldwide as to date.

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